About Dentolize

Dentolize was created with a Dentist Mindset, and a vision of giving all Dentists the absolute best experience working with a Practice Management Solution and that by making their Patients much Happier, their Management way Smoother, and their Finance extremely Simpler.

Clinics without Dentolize are chaotic

When you think of your clinic management, you know you need a reliable system to help you managing it all, otherwise, you might fail.

We gathered dentists, developers, financials, patients, along with a huge market research and we have come out together with DentolizeThe dental practice management solution that can be customized to suit any practice, scale with your needs, and enables any dentist to run the financial, clinical, and operational processes. It can be also used for managing patients, employees, other associates like insurance companies or suppliers, inventory,… and much more, without the need for additional software.

Desktop, Mobile Or Tablet

Control your clinic anywhere while you're on the move with Dentolize for iOS and Android.