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The Dental Practice Management Solution that
can be customized to suit any practice method.

``Clinics without Dentolize are chaotic``

We gathered dentists, developers, financials, patients, along with a huge market research and we have come out together with Dentolize!

The dental practice management solution that can be customized to suit any practice, scale with your needs, and enables any dentist to run the financial, clinical, and operational processes. It can be also used for managing patients, employees, other associates like insurance companies or suppliers, inventory,… and much more, without the need for additional systems.

Dentolize is created with a dentist mindset,

and a vision of giving you the maximum control over your businesses, saving your time & money, and giving you the optimum experience of working with a Practice Management Solution. This could be attained by making your Practice quite smoother, your Management much better, your Patients much happier, your Finance exceptionally simpler, your Associates way closer, and your accessibility extremely easier than ever before. And this all without the need for additional systems or software.
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Dentolize Is The Solution For
Your Successful Dental Practice Management

Mobile Application

Dentolize maximizes the chance of a smoother practice with the 1st Mobile Application in the market.
now you can use your smart phone or tablet during the operation, and use your voice to add notes and more. Endless Possibilities.


Dentolize provides you the WhatsApp-BOT that automatically answers your patients' questions and let them make online reservations, be able to get a copy of their teeth chart, prescriptions, or invoices. Saving your time for more important stuff.

Insurance Companies

Dentolize ends this, and developed a tool that organizes insurance companies, sets price-lists & discounts for every single insurance company profile, linked to patient's profile directly, you can follow up your accounts. Claimed & unclaimed.

Staff Performance

Dentolize has developed a tool to help manage your staff, measure performances, and track Working Hours, Operations, Created Invoices, Referrals, and more. With graphs for every employee or comparisons among them.


Dentolize provides you analytics module which will help you making the right business decisions. From inventory stock, incomes, expense, and staff performance, to patient geographical distribution on map, gender, age and referrals.


Forgetting things could cause huge problems sometimes. Dentolize is the first to develop Notification System, a system that limits human errors and helps you never forgetting anything again. It notifies your team before and after every important step.

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Manage your Clinic on Mobile

Control your clinic anywhere while you're on the move with Dentolize for Android, iOS and Huawei.

Unlimited Features Powerful AnalyticsSmart DashboardSmarter CalendarIntelligent ChartWhatsApp BotStaff PerfortmanceInsurance CompaniesOnline ReservationPermissions SystemMultiple BranchesInvoice BuilderAttendance SystemPatients Grouping

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